Pre-Travel Anxiety

“You don’t seem very excited about your trip.”
I stared at my friend, quizzically. Not excited? Of course I was excited. Who wouldn’t be over the moon merely days before a five-month trip to Asia?

The more I thought about it, the more I understood she was right. I wasn’t excited at all. Because the days before a long trip are so busy, so stressful and so difficult, that Eduardo and I always end up thinking we should cancel the trip. There is just so much to do. And think about it – who in their sound mind would go away for nearly half a year leaving their duties in the hands of others?

Somehow, everything is always left until the last days. Cancel Netflix, talk to the banks, change the address of all important mail. Move all personal items from the apartment (“we have too much stuff!”) and scrub it squeaky clean before the tenant moves in. Make sure someone knows where all our important papers are, and give a notarized Letter of Power to someone in case of emergencies. Who of our friends has time and is available to see to our business matters, if necessary? Water the plants, and pray they will survive until we come back. Write down all credit card numbers, scan important documents, note all family phone numbers and addresses. Prep the blog, so it is ready for when we are on the road. Buy memory cards for the cameras. The list is endless, and keeps growing by the day. Until you’re on your way to the airport and realize not all has been done, and that it’s not the end of the world.

So, no, I wasn’t excited. Until I had checked in, gone through security and sat down at the airport to have a cold beer.

What’s that? The final call for boarding?

Sorry. Have to run.


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