Almost Touching the Sky

It hits you like a frying pan in the head; those jagged white tops are not clouds – they are mountains. Almost impossibly high, the Himalayas both frighten and entice. No wonder so many people come to Nepal to do trekking; the powerful peaks lure you in, and call you closer.

We decided neither to climb not trek, just to admire the giants from the distance. In Nagarkot, some 32 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu, you can watch the sunrise over a 180 view of the Himalayas, and even pick out Mount Everest as a small dot in the distance.


But it is in Pokhara where the grandeur of these peaks floor you. Perhaps because you’re at a lower altitude, looking up on the massive ranges. Or maybe because they are just there, as a backdrop to the very touristy Lakeside area, and you never really need to take your eyes off them. And you won’t. Your eyes follow them from early morning until late night when the sun goes down. Constantly, your eyes are drawn to the clouds, and then above the clouds, constantly upwards: the awe-inspiring Annapurna mountains.

The beckon. They call. They flirt. And then they hiss: come close, sweetie, if you dare.

We didn’t.



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