How to Be A Good Driver in India

Imagine this: you are driving down a narrow alley. Suddenly, you turn a corner and notice a large group of women ahead of you, a few school children playing, a couple of cows on the side of the road and an SUV driving towards you. What would you do? Would you slow down? Would you wait for the car to pass you before proceeding? Or would you stop?

In India driving is easy – you just honk a few times, increase the speed and drive on.

Miraculously, the cars and motorbikes that blindly rush into crowds may brush an arm or the side of a rickshaw, but rarely hurt anyone. Like a choreographed dance, everyone slowly moves out of the way, leaving just enough space for the vehicle to pass. The constant honking becomes a white noise that is unconsciously picked up but largely ignored.

So this urban orchestra continues to direct the rhythm of Indian traffic. And all the terrible drivers never learn what it means to really drive well.


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  1. Lolade
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 16:34:56

    Kristii, sounds a bit like Lagos to me (LOL). I mean, is it not amazing how some fundamentalist idiots (I won’t even honour them by giving them a Religion) keep killing hoards of people in Northern Nigeria everyday while in he South we are totally and i mean absolutely oblivious to all this as we party in the most obnoxious and garish way all week long, club from Thursday to Monday morning without a care in the world. Same goes for the driving, it can be a jungle out here but you know what? if you do not want to develop a stroke or a cardiac arrest, you would do best to observe and quietly ignore these things which you largely have no power over. Makes you feel guilty as Hell but there are always little ways o change your world in ways that are not necessarily glaring!


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