Grand Popo – Bob Marley Is Alive And Well And Lives in Benin

On the shoreline between Lome and Cotonou, just east of the Benin border, lies the beach paradise of Grand Popo. Miles and miles of white, sandy beaches dotted with palm trees that cast a cooling shade on the few tourist that have stopped by.

And here, in the middle of nowhere, you can find one of the coolest places in West Africa. A place to hang, drink coconut cocktails and listen to reggae. And listen to reggae. And listen to some more reggae until your ears fall off.


But visiting the Lion Bar is still worth the while. $10 gives you a room on the beach with funky star-spangled wall decorations, and quotes by famous and fallen reggae stars. Each room is named after an idol – for example “Peter” for Pete Tosh, and “Robert” for Bob Marley, of course.

And if they are out of rooms, you’re welcome to camp in a tent on the beach. They will even provide you with a mattress.

The one shower and one toilet are shared by everyone who is there. So on the main party night, Saturday, when Grand Popo comes a little bit alive, the lines are long. But the rest of the time, it does work somehow, and the shower and toilet never really seem unfresh and stinky.

If only you can stand listening to non-stop reggae day and night, Lion Bar is definitely worth a visit!



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