Teasing Football Supporters

“Brazil is going to lose tonight!”
“Argentina 2 – Mexico 0”
“Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland – Better luck next time”

There’s more to the World Cup than just watching football. A lot of fun can be had with the supporters that often take their country’s successes very, very personally.

The free condoms that were handed out in the stadiums played a big role in our games. Eduardo was especially keen on inflating them and writing a message on them, then throwing them out into the sea of spectators and see who laughed at them, and who got annoyed.

Most people laughed, even if they didn’t agree with the message.

But many Brazilians could not take the joke and were offended, aggressive and angry. At the Portugal-Brazil match, we scribbled “Brazil 0 – Portugal 2” on a “balloon”, and posed for photographs with unknowing Brazilian fans. I was even filmed for a TV show dancing with a bunch of Brazilian guys, showing my condom predicting a Brazilian loss.

When they realized that we were only kidding around with them, they were furious. One guy tried to kick Eduardo, but he was so drunk he fell flat on his butt.

Unfortunately predicting football scores is not our forte, and we will not become rich as World Cup Oracles. None of our predictions came true, but our condoms will always be remembered.

(And congratulations Spain!!!)


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