Win or Lose – Bafana Bafana 4 Life!

All hope was put on Bafana Bafana’s shoulders. Everywhere – on cars, on office buildings, in banks, there were signs saying “We support Bafana Bafana”, and “Bafana Bafana – make us proud!” The team was going to solidify South Africa’s position in the world. On top, of course!

We watched the opening match between South Africa and Mexico at the Bloemfountain Fan Fest (open air viewing), in one of the poorest townships. We may have been the only tourists among tens of thousands of locals.


It was raining hard. There was thunder and lightning. And it was the best party we’ve ever been to. The deafening hoots of the vuvuzelas drowned out the commentaries from the match. People were dancing and singing. The only quiet moment came when Mexico scored their goal and tied 1-1. But after a couple of minutes hope was up again and the celebration ensued with a force.

Although Eduardo looks (and, according to them, sounds Mexican), everyone was warmly welcoming and friendly. Even more so when Eduardo took off his jacket and revealed his Bafana Bafana t-shirt underneath.A lady liked us so much that she called us later to make sure we got home safely.

While it doesn’t seem like South Africa will qualify for the round of 16, we still support them to the end (and beyond)!

Go Bafana Bafana!!!



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